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3M decorative window film is a great way to add style and class to any residential home or commercial building.


Enjoy Decorative Window Films for Added Style and Class

Decorative window films are perfectly suited for interior glass partitions or the inside surface of windows. It is available in many textures and patterns, at a fraction of the cost of etched glass. Also, combining shatter resistant and sun control properties that are commonly used in commercial and residential settings.

Common applications include conference rooms, lobbies, retail environments, residential settings, private offices, glass partitions and verandas.

Decorative Window Film Benefits

  • Offices, Restaurants, Hotels, Retail windows and doors

  • Etched glass can be costly, difficult to clean, expensive, and a hassle to replace if damaged.

  • Etching can weaken glass. Film helps to reinforce the glass.

  • Architectural applications

  • Privacy and decorative

  • Window graphic applications

  • Unique rice paper designs

  • Emulates etched or sand blasted glass

  • All designs are uniform throughout the film

  • Blocks up to 99% UV which assists in reducing fade on fabrics

  • Glare and heat reduction

  • Finger print resistant – glass shade series

  • Durable polyester film

  • Increases personal safety from flying glass

  • Easy to clean

  • Can be removed when required

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