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What's The Energy Payback?

What's The Energy Payback?

Does Window Tint Prevent Fading?

Does Window Tint Prevent Fading?

Are There Clear Window Films?

Are There Clear Window Films?

What Causes Fading?

Fading occurs because of:

  • Heat (contributes to 25% of Fade)

  • Intensive visible light (contributes to 25% of Fade)

  • Ultra-violet radiation (contributes to 40% of Fade)

  • Artificial light, humidity, poor dye anchorage, gases, and pollutants in the air (i.e. sulfur, ozone)(contributes to 10% of Fade)

Is Window Film Installed on the Inside or Outside of the Building

Window film is typically installed on the interior side of a window. If access to the interior side of the glass is difficult to obtain, an exterior application can be performed with some films.

Are There Clear Window Films Available?

Yes, there are virtually clear window films that achieve high performance and will not change the appearance of your windows.

Will Window Film Stop My Furnishings From Fading

Nothing completely stops fading. Window films are designed to reduce the major causes of fading thus prolonging the life of your furnishings, perhaps as much as two to five times.

Can You Apply Window Film to Tinted or Low-E Glass?

Definitely! You will notice enhanced energy performance from your windows after installation. Even with Low-e glass. Most of our residential installations are done on Low-e glass

What is the Typical Energy Payback for Window Film?

Generally, paybacks range in the 2-5 year period, with some reported to be even less than 6 months. Call us now, to analyze the potential energy savings in your commercial property.

Does Window Film Cause Seal Failure?

No, window films do not cause seal failure. Insulated (double-pane) windows are designed and tested to withstand a 22% change in air pressure. However, most window films applied to the inside pane of an insulated glass unit will result in a less than 3% change in air pressure. Therefore, window seals usually fail (foggy windows) at the same rate whether they have film or not.

What is the Standard Warranty on Window Films?

Most window film companies provide a lifetime residential warranty and a 10-15 year commercial warranty. Window films are guaranteed to maintain their solar properties without bubbling, peeling, cracking, crazing or discoloration. Should the product prove defective, window film and labor to reapply, are provided free of charge.

Why Do Commercial Customers have Window Film Applied to Their Buildings?
  • Lower heating and cooling operating cost

  • Lower utility demand cost

  • Utility rebates

  • Improved tenant comfort

  • Improved aesthetics, uniform appearance

  • Improved safety and security

  • Extended air condition equipment life

  • Valued alternative to adding more air condition equipment

Does Window Film Cause Windows to Crack?

It can on rare occasions. Most window film manufacturers guarantee against thermal fractures for five years after the installation date. Most cracking, if it occurs, happens in the first year. The application of window film will increase the temperature of your sunlit glass which will increase the stress on the glass edges. The quality of those glass edges and several other factors (external shading, interior shading, glass history, type of film, size/shape of glass, indoor/outdoor temperature), all contribute to the potential risk of glass breakage.

Our 40 years of experience with applying 3M window films to different types of glass enables us to make proper film/glass recommendations and minimize the potential for glass breakage.

How do I Care For and Clean My Newly Tinted Windows?

3M Window films may be washed with common washing solutions (including ammonia-based products). Abrasive cleaning agents, paper towels, newspapers, and bristle brushes which would scratch the film should not be used. Rather, synthetic sponges, squeegees, or soft cotton cloths are recommended.

Are There Other Types of Warranties Available?

Yes, some window film companies on residential applications only, provide a warranty that matches the terms and conditions of the residential customer’s existing window manufacturer’s warranty for a small fee. In most cases, you will not lose your manufacturer’s window warranty

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